About Us

We are Bredero Group a group dynamic companies that deliver customers the service that they want from us.

Our History

On may 20, 2005 Bredero-Media is founded by: Adriaan Bredero

Because the big success and fast grow of Bredero-Media, we are decided to start on juli 22, 2008 Bredero-Media Group.

Because we are taking another way in our company grow, our company name is since today: Bredero Group

Bredero Group acquire Pc-Solution Enschede and merges the customer base with Bredero-IT

Our Vision

Do you choose us? you are choosing for personal assistance, trust solutions and don’t forget always perfect service.


Being the biggest is for many a ambition, my ambition is that customers find us the best in our services” , Adriaan Bredero